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Virtual employee card - what is it and how does it work?

Your employees are often on business trips? It happens that they suddenly need money to pay for subscriptions to graphic programs or to buy necessary tools for work? Or do they draw funds, for example, for food? Constantly deducting the right amount of money can be problematic. If you want to make it easier for yourself to manage corporate finances, learn about the virtual employee card! Find out what it is and how it works.

What is a virtual employee card?

Virtual cards are a modern alternative to classic means of payment in the form of material products. It exists only in digital form. It can be generated in our Sparados system and then given to a team member online via a mobile or web application. So that he or she can start using it, must first link it to the Google Pay or Apple Pay smartphone app. So it cannot be directly handed to an employee "in the hand". However, this makes it impossible to lose it, which is a big advantage!

As already mentioned - the virtual card only exists online. This makes it unnecessary for an employee to carry a wallet to pay in stores, for example. All they need is a phone with Internet access. This makes traveling much easier! The advantages are also that:

  • the employee does not have to wait for a real physical card to be issued to him. The virtual means of payment can be made out in 20 seconds. So this solution saves time significantly!

  • it only takes a few clicks in the app to provide employees an access to money within a few minutes. This makes it possible to provide, for example, a person on a business trip with additional funds for unexpected expenses in real time. This is a big convenience;

  • there is no need to wait for funds. When the money runs out, the employee can make a request through the app to increase the limit on the card. If the company panel administrator decides it is appropriate, he can approve the request and immediately transfer the funds via the app to the selected person. However, he can reject the request if he finds that the request has no justification.

However, it is worth remembering that to use the virtual card, the employee must carry a smartphone with an NFC module.

When is a virtual employee card useful?

A virtual employee card will work great if your team members incur expenses related to subscriptions or meals. In the Sparados app, you can create lunch or subscription cards in seconds. The funds in the account will renew regularly, so you won't have to remember to pay your employees every month. This will greatly improve your financial management and save you a lot of time!

A virtual employee card is a good choice if:

  • team members are going to a conference, for example - in the Sparados system you can make a one-time means of payment only for the selected event. When employees use it, it will be immediately removed from the system. So there is no risk of the means of payment getting into unwanted hands; 

  • you want to give employees gift cards, such as vouchers for the holidays, or a bonus - with just a few clicks in the Sparados app, you can credit the employees' account with the specified amount. This way every team member will receive a pleasant surprise!

Virtual employee cards can greatly improve the management of company finances. With just a few clicks, you can transfer money to team members without going to banks, etc. In addition, everything gets documented in the system, so you won't miss anything!

How to make an employee card?

Want to make an employee card, but don't like complicated and time-consuming banking procedures? The Sparados system is a great alternative for you. Through the company's panel, you will generate a MasterCard in just 20 seconds. All you have to do is, as an administrator:

  • submit an application for this payment tool, 

  • assign the appropriate amount to the card,

  • set time and amount limits,

  • activate the payment tool in the application.

After a while, the virtual card will be visible in employees' Sparados app. Then they can add it to their Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet.

The undoubted advantage of this solution is that you don't have to wait several weeks for the means of payment to be ready for use. You can provide employees with access to money in less than a minute!

How to use the Sparados employee card?

To use the virtual payment tool, employees need to add it to their Google or Apple wallet. After entering all the data, they should accept the terms and conditions of the licensed payment issuer and verify the form of payment. Only after following this simple procedure they will be able to use the card safely where Google Pay/Apple Pay payments are accepted.

Making a virtual card is quick and easy, and using it is very intuitive. Your employees will surely appreciate such a solution!


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