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Sales representatives

Companies with a large number of employees abroad often face a problem with settling with their employees, as transfers outside Poland are expensive and take several business days.

Our system allows you to transfer funds to employees

for free in 20 seconds by issuing them a card with allocated funds.

Your salespeople have their money on time, and you don't have to worry about the additional cost of the transfer (ELIXIR, SWIFT, SEPA).


Lack of control over business expenses

Our customers with extensive sales teams spending around PLN 100,000 per month on business expenses often did not have full control over whether they were being spent for their intended purpose.

Our expense management system allowed them to accurately track how much each employee spent in a given month. Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, the system detects unusual transactions and displays a list of such transactions.

Our solution enables more efficient financial management, eliminates irregularities and optimizes business expenses.


Time-consuming expense reporting

Sales representatives incur many business expenses that generate a lot of paperwork and consume time that could be spent on building customer relationships.

Our application allows to add defined labels that indicate the appropriate type of expense. The employee selects one of the labels, adds a receipt and the transaction is settled.

Salespeople have gained about 20% additional time, which can be used to build customer relationships and broaden their knowledge. They don't waste time on complicated reporting and paperwork management.


Difficulty in managing financial records

Salespeople's intensive work often involves spending as much as about 90% of their professional time behind the wheel and visiting customers. This makes it difficult for them to keep an eye on not losing any invoices or receipts.

With Sparados, salespeople can settle every business expense immediately after payment, adding a photo of the receipt or invoice and a brief description of it in the app. This allows the accounting department to close the settlement month much faster.

Our solution eliminates the number of unaccounted expenses, which facilitates the work of salespeople and minimizes the risk of losing financial documents, as well as reduces the time needed to collect and account for documents.

Choose the best solution for your business today!


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