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Simple and secure business expense accounting?

Trust us! Sparados means fast business card payments, invoice scanning automation and full control over your budget.

Automate expense reporting and save 5000 zł per month!

The tool eliminates manual description, settlement of invoices. Saving time for the boss, employees and accounting.

Check out the benefits of Sparados in transport.


Lost invoices

In the transport sector, statistically 14% of invoices get lost in the drivers' cabins. Documents are scattered and difficult to find.

Our system eliminates this problem. Drivers can easily upload receipt and invoice photos to the system. The photos are automatically formatted and sent to accounting.

No more tedious searching and manual processing of documents!

Road accidents

Are you having trouble providing funds for drivers to cover the cost of incidents - such as the cost of a tow truck, ticket, roadside assistance or replacement car?

With our service, drivers can request more card funds in the Sparados app and the administration can accept the request with a single click.

As a result, our customers don't need to keep money in drivers' subaccounts, nor do drivers need to carry a large amount of cash.

Manual processing of documents

Do you have to deal with settling stacks of documents received from drivers after they complete a route? Accounting is fed up with tedious processing of paper documents, adding them to the records, scanning and paper archiving?

Our solution allows you to instantly deliver documents to accounting in the universal PDF format with additional information about the invoice and transaction. With our app, your phone turns into a document scanner.

Save your accountants time with our Sparados service.

Choose the best solution for your business today!


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