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Corporate cards

Instantly generate virtual payment cards for your employees. Simplify the way you process payments across dispersed teams, on business trips or operating in multiple countries

and locations.

Quick and convenient card issuing

Get your card program up

and running right away. Quickly generate cards and set limits

for each position with built-in spending rules

Full control of spending

We give you full control over the use of your employee card for business expenses. Assign cards and set limits as needed

Cards with your own branding

We will customize virtual cards and place your company's logo on them. Enhance your brand awareness with every transaction


Payment security

We care about the security and convenience of your employees' payments. Rely on secure online and contactless payments around the world

Branded card

Corporate card
with your own branding

Customize your Sparados card visual with your company's logo and colors at no extra charge! Add your personalized message on the card and share the card with your employees in the Sparados app. Your company logo will be visible with each payment.


Make convenient contactless payments with a virtual Sparados card! Turn on the NFC module and pay contactless with your phone whenever you want. With secure mobile payments,

you gain total independence.

Online payments

Make lightning-fast online payments! Use tokenized Sparados virtual cards and reduce potential risks. Quickly add cards

to Apple Pay or Google Pay and pay for business purchases online with ease.

Online payments

ATM withdrawals

Easily make contactless withdrawals from ATMs. Need cash for corporate expenses on business trips? Set your ATM PIN in the Sparados app and enjoy cash withdrawals all over the world.

Cards in Google & Apple Pay

Cards in
Google Pay & Apple Pay

  1. Get the Google Pay / Apple Pay app.

  2. Add a virtual card to your Google or Apple wallet from the Sparados moblil app with a single click.

  3. Confirm your data and accept the terms and conditions of the licensed payment card issuer, Quicko Ltd.

  4. Receive a verification SMS in seconds.

  5. Use your Sparados card to pay faster and more securely wherever Google Pay / Apple Pay is accepted.

Find your card type

Lunch cards

Co-finance your employees' meals

Save on each employee up to PLN 737 a year

Motivate your employees with meal co-financing up to 300 PLN

Enable payments at all meal points in Poland and abroad

Different card types

Quick card issuing

Issue a prepaid card for your employee in 5 seconds! Virtual company cards can be accessed through the mobile or web application.

Customizable card visual

Create your own card design and customize the message to your employees! Your logo will be visible with every payment.

Instant accessibility

Quickly allocate card funds to your employees for NFC and online payments and ATM withdrawals worldwide!

Payment security

Use tokenized virtual cards and reduce potential risks! Add cards to Google Pay and Apple Pay automatically!

Design a custom card for your employees and stand out!


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