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Client console

Looking for a convenient way to manage your company expenses? Explore our admin panel available for companies using the Sparados platform. Configure the system to fit your organization and conveniently manage the expenses of your teams and employees. See how easy it is! Register today!

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Assigning cards

Card assignment

Instantly assign a company card to individual employees or groups of employees! Efficiently manage permissions, cards, top-ups and alerts for each user in one place. Your employees will immediately see their assigned card in the Sparados app - no need to enter codes or pins.

See how easy it is

Limits and
rules setting

Get full control with customized card rules for different employees, positions, teams and departments. Easily manage virtual cards with customizable rules. Freely set spending limits and accept employee requests to change card limits. Block or limit ATM withdrawals, online or in-store payments, contactless payments, local and international transactions.

Transaction history

history review

View each employee's transaction history and analyze company expenses in real time! With the client console, you'll know where and when corporate money is spent, make informed decisions and optimize company costs. You'll also see if an employee has added an e-invoice or receipt to the system (formatted by AI to make the text more readable and the photo cropped).


Create a personalized transaction history report that is customized to your needs in just 3 clicks! You'll see information such as transaction comments, invoices and receipts added by your employees, as well as smart tags to help settle transactions, which saves accounting time. If you notice that an attachment is missing, you can send a reminder to an employee through the client console.


How to use the client console


What are the first steps in the system?

Have you started using the Sparados platform and want to issue cards to your employees? Learn the first steps in the client console.

How to assign an employee card?

Want to assign a company card to an employee or a team and set limits? Find out how to do it smoothly.

How to generate a transaction report?

Need a record of employee expense transactions? Use the report generation function in the client console.



Become our client and manage your expenses with ease!


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