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Billing and invoicing

Simplify the way you settle business travel expenses, company purchases the employee paid for, or online advertising costs. In the Sparados application, your employees will easily attach invoices and receipts, ready for accounting review.

Smooth management of invoice flows in the company

We put all company invoices into one place, making the work of accounting teams easier

Simple addition of invoices and comments in the app

We enable instant attaching of financial documents in the application (graphic files and pdfs)

Automation of expense settlements

We automate reports, access to documents and invoice descriptions, and the way requests are approved

Streamlined accounting

We provide a smart tool to quickly settle invoices and send notifications to employees

Invoice automation

Automation of invoice flows in the company

Use our system to settle business expenses

Collect, store and describe documents in one place

Conveniently scan invoices and receipts in the Sparados app

Provide all invoices to accounting at the click of a button

Smart settlement
of business expenses

Use smart tagging to assign cards to cost centers

Filter employee transactions with ease

Create reports instantly

Simplify your corporate expense and travel settlement system

Expense settlement

What our Clients say

"I recommend the Sparados product.
Managing our employees' payment cards and settling card payments have never been so simple and intuitive."

Krzysztof Drzyzga

CEO, Verestro


Check out a new way of expense settlement!


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