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Effective Business Expense Management at Verestro

Updated: Jan 5

Before we started using payment cards for employees offered by Sparados, we faced many problems related to the long and complicated process of settling business expenses - for a business trip, for software or hardware purchases, for office services, etc. The payments were made with private cards, cash or several shared company cards. Since we started cooperating with Sparados, we issue virtual business cards in seconds, set up rules and spending limits, and settle invoices efficiently.

Our marketing employees can use the individual marketing budget on their assigned card. And if needed, they can quickly request an increase in the card's limit with a single click in the Sparados app. The winners of our internal contests can enjoy a cash prize in the form of funds on their virtual payment card which can be easily added to Google Wallet or Apple Pay.

For the holiday season, we also personalized gift cards for all Verestro’s customers with our company logo and wishes.

Sparados not only helped us save time and make it easier to manage our business budget, but also reduced the cost of handling expenses in terms of finance and administration. We certainly saved dozens of hours of work a month.

I recommend the Sparados product. Managing our employees' payment cards and settling card payments have never been so simple and intuitive. We are extremely pleased with the cooperation.

Krzysztof Drzyzga, CEO, Verestro


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