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New Sparados logo. Shoot costs, shield your finances!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Sparados is a system for managing company expenses and issuing payment cards to employees. Sparados is a company in the field of innovation and financial technology, which has taken the problems of entrepreneurs related to managing company expenses and cost optimization.

Sparados entered the market in 2022. For a year, the company grew rapidly and provided digital solutions to fintech, insurance, transportation and marketing companies, among others. Currently, Sparados is implementing a system for managing business expenses and issuing virtual employee cards for many well-known brands in Poland and around the world.

With the company's growth, the time has come to change its corporate identity.

"Understanding what our clients value us most for, i.e. a solution for effective budget management and cost optimization, and knowing how we want to be perceived when it comes to partner image, we decided to refresh the image of our logo and brand identity to fully represent our values," says Grzegorz Sudacki, board member and head of sales at Sparados.

The new concept contains the spirit of modernity and originality, but brings up much more associations, is unique, and fits better into Sparados' mission. The company's slogan "Shoot costs, shield your finances" is directly related to the sigil in the new Sparados logo: a shield for protecting finances and an arrow for accurate, precise action in the area of corporate costs.

The use of the shield and arrowhead design is a reference to the semantics of the brand (Sparados in Esperanto means shooting), and the two shades of blue symbolize trust, security, honesty and reliability.

"The new visual identity, even before its official unveiling, has received very positive feedback from our employees and partners, which leads us to believe that such a response will also be shared by customers and the market." - Grzegorz Sudacki adds.


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