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A platform for managing employee expenses through dedicated payment cards with set up limits and backoffice automation processes.

Fast and flexible
expense management


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Speeding up your company expense processes

Get a real time cash-flow insight. Assign a corporate card at the touch of a button. Automate a manual process of invoicing and spending.  Effectively control and easily regulate company expenses.

Create a business card in 10 seconds

Complete your payment quickly and conveniently within seconds while purchasing online

Generate a customized transaction history report tailored to your needs in 3 clicks

View the transaction history of every member of the team in real-time


Track expenses of each employee, team and department 

Plan your company budget, based on smart statistics and diagrams

Control spending: see where each Euro, PLN, or Dollar is spent


Real-time analysis
of bills and payments

Make smart spending decisions based on analytics data. Gain the option of control and increase spending accountability. Approve or deny requests from employees for additional funding. Block any card at the touch of a button.

Confirm every transaction with an invoice management system 


Easy & secure management of company expenses

Gain flexibility with managing your team’s diverse spend needs. Increase your safety with virtual cards. Pay effortlessly with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Give your employees all the funds they need through assigning cards and setting up limits. Brand your card visual with our tools.

Use tokenized virtual cards and limit potential issues

Custom digital business cards tailored to your enterprise

Experience flexibility with approving requests for topping-off cards

Minimize risks of external fraud or internal card-abuse with single-use cards

Set up limits for every employee position with built-in spend rules

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Enjoy the benefits of Sparados App




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Reduction of the accountant's working time

Accelerated budget assignment

Saved monthly by finance teams


16 tools


Automatically pre-accounted spending

All in one place

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the Sparados app? Organizing & analyzing your business expenses has never been easier. Sparados is an application that allows you to create and manage your business cards. Set card limits as well as adding receipts and invoices for your spendings. You can also increase card limits simply by sending a request. Add your Sparados card to Apple and Google Pay and get ahead of your finances!

2. How can I unblock my account? You can wait 5 minutes, if your account is not unlocked after this time, please contact us by writing to:

3. Which cards can I use for contactless payments? You can make contactless payments with virtual Sparados cards. You can pay directly by adding the card to Apple Pay for iOS devices or Google Pay for Android devices.

4. How can I pay with cards online? You can pay online with Sparados virtual cards generated in the application. In order to pay online, it is necessary to enter the card details which you will find in the Sparados card details. Access to the card details is secured by PIN re-verification or biometrics.

5. Does my phone need to have NFC in order to use the Sparados app? No, however, you can always use online payments if your phone does not have an NFC module.

6. What is the currency conversion cost when I pay with my Sparados card in a currency other than the local currency? Currency conversion cost per transaction is 3%.

7. What is the cost of ATM withdrawals in PL and abroad? The cost of ATM withdrawals is 1.5%.

8. I forgot my PIN to the application - what now? In case you forget your PIN when logging in to the application, just click "more options" and then choose password login or PIN reset.

9. How can I contact customer service? Write to us at:

10. How can I delete my account? Write to us at using the same email address you have an account with.



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